Friday, April 23, 2010


I dream of love
in my confused mind.
who is the dove
that I will soon find?
In my arms
with no face.
life always harms
in love's race.


I think I might make a different blog for poems and short stories. But, I'm not sure yet. So snoop around now or then to check if I have a new blog :]

peace, love, and crazy-making,

Oh, and I saw this really stupid emo haters website today!! It was soooooo stupid!!!!! I couldn't believe what I was seeing!! UGH!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

something you didn't know about me

I love to creative write. I mean LOVEEEE. Poems, stories, song lyrics... just about anything that can express my feeling in writing. I have fanfiction and fictionpress acounts and I write on them all the time :). I also have many ideas on the computer that I have never published. Here's the link to my Fictionpress acount so you guys can read my stories and comment:

pleaze n thnku
peace, love, and crazy making

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Athena's Warriors!

So yesterday (uhh the Monday after Easter) I joined an all-girls robotics team! My friend Anna convinced me into it...

So for those of you who don't know about robotics teams, you make robots to play a specified game. In the beginning of January they announce the game and then you get a few months to build your robot. The competition just finished and they won a rookie award. [HOORAY!] I've only been to one meeting so far, but I know I'll love it! I'm going to mostly be doing spirit stuff (like banners, clothes, pins, advertisements, etc) of course. I have so much spirit, it's coming out my... well you get the picture.

If your a nerd and you know it clap your hands -clap clap- xD

If your interested, here's our website (we are going to make a new one soon because free-webs gets no hits, EVER):

~we kick bot~ lmao
peace, love, and crazy-making,

Sunday, April 4, 2010



there's a bunneh!

I had a lot of fun today! :D I got a new Wii remote and some candy. Now I can face off Catherine and Patricia (see pics below) in Nitro Racers and have the advantage of a sugar rush!
I had a epiphany today. A giant bunny jumping from house to house while your sleeping isn't a very soothing thought. What if he decides to gnaw my head off or something?! So, the question of the day is: How would you honestly react if you saw a white bunny the size of a person jumping through your yard in the middle of the night? Put your answers in the comments.

Personally, I would probably scream and run... food for thought. Well anywayz, Have a nice Easter! :]
peace, love, and crazy-making

Friday, April 2, 2010

The first post. EPIC

My first post everrr! This feels EPIC.

Hi, my name is Mikayla. Lulu has been my nickname since I was a little kid because of how loony I was and am now. I am short-ish and have brown curly hair with blue tips, hazel (green/brown) eyes. I'm shy sometimes, but once you get to know me I'm crazy. I am an art and music freak. I hate when people stereotype. especially about emo people and goths and punks. Personally I don't like labels but if you were to put me under a category I would be emo/punk. Another thing I hate are liars. This blog will be lie free!! I don't get mad easily, but if I find out that someone lied to me, I.will.flip.

So this is my new blog of the crazy antics my friends and I get up to. enjoy! >xD
peace, love, and crazy-making
~lulu123m <3