Friday, February 25, 2011

the bustling in my mind is making my head uncomfortable

the bustling in my mind is making my head uncomfortable
the bustling in my mind is making my head uncomfortable by xX₭ṟ₳ⱬϔ♥ℓυℓυXx featuring yellow handbags

sleep-deprived, stressed out, love-struck, and self-conscious are not a good mix.

So this is my own personal comet of random. It is my happy place...however, it is not so happy right now because it is only making my life worse. The only thing the above comet is missing is inferno... and he's there, just on the dark side that you can't see at this very moment. in fact he is the only thing on that other side because he takes up so much space in my head.

Today was the best Friday ever. It was the worst until I saw him. and then continued to suck. But the fact that he was there and as I tried to talk to my friend I saw him staring at me made me so happy. oh my god. :) There is a dance coming up and I'm think about possibly asking him? I don't know.. I'd probably be too nervous and stutter while trying to ask him. step by step. slow by slow.

Kay 31 day challenge:
Dear someone I wish would forgive me,
We had such a long fight that still does not seem to be over. w haven't had our daily deep conversations in ages and I miss the you I used to know. I am happy that you have half forgiven me.
Love you,

4 Books: This is a major Tuffie
~The host - Stephanie Meyer (and don't b*tch about it! it was actually a great book despite some of twilight's downfalls)
~The mortal instruments series
~13 reasons why(great book. sad, but great.)
~A million little pieces (I actually like that book. I love the way he writes and his story is inspiring. the epilogue is reallllllllly depressing tho.. it's like "that's great! everyone dies!")

And Finally....
25 days 25 songs!!!!!!: (I'm skipping the 25 days part tho and just answering all the questions lol):

Day 01- A song from your childhood:
The Mikayla song!! they used to sell these tapes that had your name in all the songs and made it sound like they were singing to you. I used to love that.

Day 02- a song that reminds you of your most recent ex-Bf/Gf:
Rainbow Veins by Owl City because that was his favorite song. I always thought it was really great that he was into a love song like that lol.

Day 03 - A song that reminds you of one or both of your parents:
All you need is love by the Beatles because we always sing that at family parties.

Day 04- A song that calms you down:
Everything by Rob is just really nice and beautiful but also kinda sad.

Day 05- A song that is often stuck in your head:
Forget you by Cee Lo Green because it is so catchy.

Day 06-A song that reminds you of a best friend:
Autobiography by ashley Simpson lol we used to sing along all the time. pretty much the entire Ashley Simpson album Autobiography. xD

Day 07 - A song that reminds you of the past summer:
Ohkayyyy... uh I have 3. #1- hey Juliet by LMNT (don't ask xDD) #2- Do it right this time by Ian from the tv show Huge aaand last but not least #3- On the brightside by NevershoutNever hahaha :)

Day 08- A song that reminds you of your first love:
Um the entire Ludo album "Your Awful, I love you". appropriate album title, wouldn't you say? xD

Day 09- A song that makes you hopeful:
Love at first sight by Nickasaur lol <3 great song

Day 10- A song by your favorite band:
Oh jeezusss that's a hard one. okay..uhhhh several ways to die trying by Dashboard Confessional. they are my favorite band I think. besides the beatles and my mounds of other favorites lol xD Dashboard Confessional is just such a great sound and very calming.

Day 11- A song on the soundtrack of your favorite movie:
okay I'm just gonna say Black sheep by metric from the movie scott pilgrim vs the world. I have alot of favorite movies but I really like that song so... :]

Day 12- The last song you heard:
Gimme sympathy by Metric lol

Day 13 - A song that reminds you of a former friend:
Uhhhhhhh touchdown turnaround by hellogoodbye.... hmm yeah.

Day 14 - A song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend:
pshhh future boyfriend lol. INFERNO <3 uh the story by Brandi Carlile :D

Day 15 - A song that you love singing along to:
The entire soundtrack of Dr. horrible's sing-a-long blog. no joke xD

Day 16 - A song that has made you cry:
kay there is 2: #1- Another little hole by Aqualung and #2- perfect (the acoustic version) by simple plan .... :|

Day 17- a song that makes you want to dance:
hmm all of em :)

Day 18- A song that you rarely listen to:
phhhhh none

Day 19- The first song alphabetically in your Itunes library:
A-hole by Bowling for soup xDDDD hahahaha

Day 20- the last song alphabetically in your itunes library:
99 biker friends by bowling for soup... funny that both the first and the last song are bowling for soup songs. lol

Day 21- Your favorite song:
Are you kidding??!

Day 22- A song that someone has sung to you:
Short skirt, long jacket by Cake lolllllll xDD best memories ever

Day 23- A song that you cannot stand to listen to:
Any Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber. sorry. no...just no.

Day 24- A song that you have danced to with your best friend:
many many many of them lol

Day 25- A song you could listen to all day without getting tired of:
Hmmm Dream by Brandi Carlile :] <3


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